My Background

Martin Christopher

Gardener from Germany with background in Cultural Studies.

I started this thinking I'm getting into this with zero skills and prior experience. But that's not actually true.

  • In 2004, I was part of a modding team creating the game world for a Neverwinter Nights server, building several areas, creating customized monsters and equipment items, writing some dialog trees, and implementing some very basic scripts.
  • In 2007, I was the lead designer on a very short-lived Neverwinter Nights 2 project, that never even produced a working prototype, as the level editor turned out considerably more complex than in the previous game.
  • I've been running Dungeons & Dragons games since about 2002, having spend certainly thousands of hours designing my own custom material since 2009. Working on both specific game mechanics, as well as larger scale gameplay loops and campaign structures.
  • I've been working a lot with GIMP, and some with Krita.
  • I made this spreadsheet for D&D that automatically generates store inventories and tracks cash reserves for towns based on the population size of a town.
  • I made this Neocities website in hand-written HTML.
    I've been exclusively running Linux on my computers since 2014, doing maintenance mostly through console commands.
  • I've been self-hosting worpress sites like this one for a long time, and now this site with Publii, doing the entire setup and maintenance by myself. I modified the css for the theme on my wordpress sites to allow me to change the colors of different UI elements independently.
  • I spend way too many years at university taking cultural studies classes, with no degree.
  • I have a completed apprenticeship as a gardener, now working in growing potted flowers for retail and managing the winter storage of tropical plants.

So starting not exactly at zero. More like 1.6.

Rare picture of the artist.